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Benefits, Negotiation and Transitioning

Changing professional affiliations is a stressful process for anyone. The professionals at Phillips & Juarez are dedicated to helping you minimize and manage the stresses associated with a move. As part of our transition counseling process, we offer professional services to guide you through the changes and decisions you will make regarding employee benefits, your personal financial security and the impact on your family.

Through strategic partnering, we utilize a professional staff of financial and insurance counselors to help you during your very important transition. Your focus will be with your new position. Enhancing your long-term potential with the firm, positioning you for partnership opportunities and promoting a strong work culture during this time will be our focus. With our assistance and minimal demands on your time, you can manage your transition wisely and effectively.

Use this time and opportunity of transition, to understand and achieve your financial goals. With the assistance of Phillips & Juarez, you can make choices to set the course for a wisely selected, personalized plan to realize your aspirations.