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Human Resource Consulting

Hiring the quality attorneys you need to operate and grow your practice is where Phillips & Juarez can be of additional value. Retaining and rewarding key attorneys while managing the cost of your benefits is paramount. Through strategic partnering, Phillips & Juarez has the capabilities to provide professional solutions and services to help you with all of your benefit needs.

Attorney compensation and retention is critical for every successful practice. Losing key players to the competition, or having them become the competition can set any firm back dramatically. With our experience we have programs that assist in the development of cost-effective strategies to selectively reward and retain key attorneys.

Delivering quality, cost-effective benefits is a must for every practice today. Managing, implementing, and funding your employee benefits program each year costs you thousands of dollars. Ensuring that you have a competitive plan that your attorneys want and need, is critical. Working with the highest quality benefits providers from around the country, Philips & Juarez will help you design and deliver a deal-closing employee benefit package.

As an organization of professionals, Phillips & Juarez adds additional benefits to the acquisition of key attorneys, and allows you to maximize your time and research costs as well. Talk with a Phillips & Juarez representative to find out how we do so much more than just place attorneys.